Caribiana Color Specifications

Sea Foam

Fabric and Upholstery

Spectrum Kiwi
Spectrum Indigo
Spectrum Daffodil
Canvas Capri
Canvas Melon
Canvas Glacier
Canvas Buttercup
Canvas Aruba
Canvas Taupe
Canvas Antique Beige
Bravada Salsa
Seville Seaside
Cove Pebble
Dolce Mango
Foster Surfside
Dolice Oasis

handcrafted Wood

Our Low Maintenance African Teak

Part of the appeal and iconic beauty of a Caribiana skiff is our extensive use of hand-selected, solid genuine wood. Chosen for its beauty and consistent grain, the wood is not only durable under harsh sea and weather conditions, but it is also forgiving on bare feet, naturally resists slipping, and easy to care for.

Many people assume that wood on a boat is a maintenance headache. Not so with our wood. The wood naturally contains oil and silica, making it virtually water-impermeable, impervious to rot and pests. The sun and weather will damage everything on a boat, including fiberglass, if left exposed to the elements for long periods of time. So covering your skiff when not in use along with the naturally occurring elements in the wood will preserve your wood far into the future.

Caribiana’s oil finished wood will maintain its golden luster for years. The only maintenance that is needed for the oiled finished wood is to rub oil on the wood one or two times a year. Wood oil application takes less than 30 minutes!

Varnished wood provides an even more breathtaking appearance. Varnished wood exposes the beautiful shades of red, gold, brown and tan as well as the natural movement and grain of the timber. Caribiana’s varnished wood has 8 layers of advanced formulated varnish that will protect the skiffs wood for up to 10 years before reapplication may be needed.*

Mooring covers are recommended for all Caribiana skiffs.